Mike Will Made-it Uses Loops from " Trapamine 100 "

LBandyMusic one of our Best In-house Labels is proud to announce that loops from ” Trapamine 100 “ were used by Mike Will Made-it in the song ” Ain’t Nothing ” produced for juicy j featuring Wiz Khalifa and TY Dolla $ign The bell loop was pitched and appears almost in the whole track. IN TRAPAMINE DEMO THE LOOP APPEARS >>>

What Eminem uses to Produce his music

The “Greatest MC” image of Eminem shades on his Producer side that is quite an interesting element of his success. If you study the tracks he produced you will find that he succeeded in creating this unique style that we can call “Shady” and that was used in other artists of his label and collaborations >>>

VST Plugins used by Top Producers & Professionnals

Every producer wonders, What are VST Plugins used by Top Producers & Professionnals, Does mainstream producers use some secret tools ( VST plugins, presets and libraries ) to make their tremendous hits ? The answer is NO, they are using the same materials as we all do, in fact they use live recordings a lot >>>

How to install Nexus Expansions & Presets

Having trouble installing the nexus expansions and presets you downloaded, well follow the simple guide below to have them quickly ready to play with : A. For Presets Find the ” Nexus Content ” Folder This folder is created and defined by you while installing the Refx Nexus VST, You can find them by default >>>

How to Reach / Submit Beats to Major Artists

Most of producers and beatmakers are struggling to get their work to the top even if they have the dopest beats and instrumentals. The major key is to get that first ” deal ” collaboration with an artist that is already in the mainstream industry Here are 3 Major tips on how to maximize chances >>>