The Best Digital Pianos And Keyboards For Beginners (2024)

The Best Digital Pianos And Keyboards For Beginners (2021)

When it comes to keyboards and digital pianos, there are many options available in today’s world.
It can be difficult to determine how many keys you require, which features are most important, and, of course, which are the best beginner digital pianos and keyboards.
Without further ado, these are The Best Digital Pianos And Keyboards For Beginners (2024)

The Best Digital Pianos And Keyboards For Beginners

1. Yamaha YPT-260

Yamaha YPT-260,The Best Digital Pianos And Keyboards For Beginners 2021

Firstly, The Yamaha YPT-260; This keyboard is an exceptional starting point for aspiring players.
However, It’s not a keyboard you will use long if you grow rapidly, but it offers more than enough without breaking the bank whether you are an aspiring piano learner or not.

In our opinion, The sounds on the keyboard are incredible, it’s easy to use, enjoyable, and the tutorial content is great. For the most part, This keyboard is a learners keyboard.
It’s engineered to take you from knowing very little to performing songs.

To explain, The YPT-260 features Sixty-One Keys sensitive to pace with a maximum combination of thirty-two notes (which isn’t much).
Besides, It is loaded with over three hundred voices, pianos, organs, and symphonic sounds with sixteen drum kits.
The voices originate from Yamaha’s AWM Stereo Sampling, which offers high-quality across the board, but notably the piano tones.

In addition to all those voices, with one hundred rhythms to play with, it keeps your creativity alive.
This lightweight, portable piano is very flexible, and that means it can expose beginners to a wide variety of sounds to help them develop their taste in music.

Further, Yamaha has also included some great interactive elements with courses and tutorials from their built-in Education Suite (YES). Interactive tutorials are a great method to learn, particularly for younger learners.

Lastly, The inclusion of three months of free premium Flowkey classes is another major plus factor. Adding to the teaching side of things, you can also divide the keyboard in the middle to create two similar ranges for side by side a teacher or a student playing. The Yamaha YPT-260 is a wonderful stepping stone for newbies.

2. Casio LK-S250

Casio LK-S250, Best Digital Pianos Keyboards For Beginners

Following, The Casio LK-S250 if you’re looking to make music enjoyable, and that’s the greatest way to learn. The sound quality isn’t as excellent as the Yamaha YPT-260 and may not age as well either.

Indeed, the LK-S250 will get you playing and having fun quicker than others, and that’s worth substantially.
The lighting of the keys is a signature feature proving that this machine is made for learning.
Certainly, the leading manufacturers when it comes to electronic keyboards for beginners is Casio. and this product was specifically designed with students in mind.

So, The LK-S250 includes Sixty-One velocity-sensitive keys with two degrees of touch response.
The keys aren’t only velocity-sensitive; they also highlight Casio’s Key Lighting technology.
When you hit a key, it will light up red, which is especially helpful when using the Chordana Play app. The maximal polyphony is 48 notes; as we mention frequently, it’s basic yet enough for newbies.

Also, The LK-S250 features over Four-Hundred voices, varying from acoustic pianos to organs and symphonic sounds. It also includes some voice samples and effects to activate through the keys to teach composition/songwriting to newcomers.
There are various rhythm genres and multiple onboard compositions that you may learn.

In addition, The effects include ten reverb styles. It’s all effortless to get to; the top panel is quite basic. Large buttons operate the major functions like tempo, start/stop, etc. A central wheel/knob near the screen is how you make additional selections.

This keyboard includes a USB MIDI connection, so you may use it with a computer or DAW as you advance. It also includes a microphone connection for the full prospective singer/songwriter kit. Some built-in instructional tunes use the key-lighting, but that truly comes to life with the Chordana Play app.

3. Yamaha P-45

Yamaha P-45, Best Digital Pianos Keyboards For Beginners

The P-45 is the ideal start to the digital piano scene. It offers a genuine feel and one of the cleanest grand piano tones you will hear. The optional wooden stand provides an upright piano feel without sacrificing the comfort of a portable keyboard. It’s probably the best digital piano for a newcomer.

We are kicking our digital piano selections off with a device that offers you the perfect combination. The Yamaha P-45 is a digital piano keyboard that comes with an optional upright stand made from wood. With the stand, it looks and feels everything as the real upright digital piano.

The P-45 features Eighty-Eight graded hammer-action keys, which feel extremely authentic and are highly expressive with Sixty-Four-Note max polyphony.

The P-45 includes a feature that few other Yamaha models offer.
The dual split, which gives you two similar ranges, is ideal for a student/teacher session. USB connection provides you access to a variety of interactive material, including tutorials and courses from Yamaha.

4. Alesis Virtue

Alesis Virtue, Best Digital Pianos Keyboards For Beginners

The Alesis Virtue is a remarkable example of good value. It takes the ideal elements about a beginners keyboard, including lots of voices, rhythms, functionalities, and bundles them up in a digital piano. Unfortunately, the light keys can be a major disadvantage for some people.
In contrast, if you’re looking for a keyboard with a light touch while feeling like you are playing on a real piano, the Alesis Virtue is for you.

So, the Alesis Virtue is the digital piano for newcomers who aren’t quite prepared for the weight of piano keys. However, the affordability and simplicity of use make it one of the top pianos(for starters) available.

It features Eighty-Eight velocity-sensitive non-weighted keys with One-Twenty-Eight-Note max polyphony and the conventional three-pedal configuration.
The easy-build wooden stand looks more like a console with a lid and a music stand.

The Alesis Virtue is the digital piano for newcomers who aren’t quite prepared for the weight of piano keys.
The affordability and simplicity of use make it one of the top pianos(for starters) available.

There are several basic built-in effects, like chorus, reverb, and pedal noise.
The beautiful LCD screen displays all of your selections as well as your notations and chord names.
The cherry on top is! it comes with a piano bench, so you feel like a true expert.

5. Yamaha PSR-E373

 Yamaha PSR-E373, Best Digital Pianos Keyboards For Beginners

The PSR-E373 is the latest arranger keyboard from Yamaha that provides some amazing capabilities at a low price. It features Sixty-One touch-sensitive keys and a peak polyphony of Forty-Eight notes. The Touch/Velocity may be adjusted between soft, medium, harsh, and corrected.

Like many arranger keyboards, the PSR-E373 comes with a huge library with over Six-Hundred sounds. The feature that sets it different from the rest is that Yamaha is inspired by the grand piano (live) sound from their more costly models and placed in the PSR-E373.
So, today for around Two-Hundred Dollars, you have a piano sound that would originally have cost between six and seven hundred bucks.

There’s also over a Hundred-Fifty preset tune that you may learn from at your own pace.
You receive some integrated effects, including twelve reverb types and five chorus styles.
Your favourite sounds and music may be saved for quicker recall.

The PSR-E373 features a built-in two-track recorder that can record five songs or a maximum of ten thousand notes. If that isn’t enough recording power, you can connect it directly into a DAW through USB. In addition, Yamaha includes its YES Education Suite, which provides beginning instruction on various piano fundamentals. Touch Tutor is a feature for monitoring the velocity of your playing to assist you in managing your dynamics. The final of the beginner features is Duo mode, which divides the keyboard evenly between a teacher and a student.

6. Roland Go:Keys

Roland Go Keys, Best Digital Pianos Keyboards For Beginners

It’s a great keyboard for newbies who aren’t just curious to learn to play but also show interest in songwriting and producing. The price tag is more than other products on this list, but it’s evident in a major upgrade in sound quality and more expert functions. It comes in a vibrant red hue that more or less makes it more enjoyable. Finished off with the ivory feel keys, this is a great keyboard for newbies assuming you don’t care about the cost.

The Roland Go:Keys is at the top of our pricing range as a beginning keyboard. But, it does justify the additional money with some excellent features. The Sixty-One velocity-sensitive keys feature an ivory feel finish that provides a more professional touch than most beginning keyboards.

Roland has included a staggering Five-Hundred voices in the Go:Keys model, but more significantly, they are ultrahigh quality sounds. The Go:Keys features a Bluetooth connection, which means you can use smartphones to stream music directly to the keyboards built-in speakers. This functionality isn’t only helpful for listening to music; you can jam to your favourite songs and access Roland’s interactive web material like tutorials and play-along courses.

Another aspect of this keyboard that I like is the Loop Mix tool; it’s a great place to start newbies studying song structure. You may trigger and change programmed samples in real-time using the touchpads on the keyboard.

7. Korg EK-50

Korg EK-50, Best Digital Pianos Keyboards For Beginners

Korg’s EK-50 is by far the priciest keyboard on this ​list, but the premium price is justified when you get into the features. That’s why people claim it’s the finest Korg keyboard for newbies.

Korg has incorporated approximately Seven-Hundred sounds and forty-one drum sets.
However, more striking than the number of sounds is the unexpectedly excellent quality. There are approximately Two-Hundred-Eighty styles, each of which provides numerous intros, outros, and other variants.

As the EK-50 is an arranger keyboard, it comes with several great compositions and performing capabilities. Starting with the built-in audio player and inbuilt sequencer. It also has a more advanced effects engine than most beginners keyboards.
There are four stereo multi-effects processors, providing thirty-four effect types and over a hundred variations.

Until you are ready for your first performance, you may employ Set List mode to save all of your sounds and styles for fast recall. It features a USB and MIDI connection, plus a USB connector for plugging a flash drive or controller.

The EK-50 has Sixty-One velocity-sensitive keys with customizable touch control: light, standard, heavy, and corrected. On the left side of the keyboard, you’ll notice a pitch/modulation stick that you won’t find on most beginners keyboards.

It comes with Eighty-Eight scaled hammer-action keys with replicated ebony and ivory surfaces.
The PX-770 features a max polyphony of One-Twenty-Eight notes. Casio’s AiR processing produces amazing sounds, including a magnificent reproduction of a 9ft concert piano. There are eleven built-in effects, including chorus, various reverbs, and brilliance types.

To look at the PX-770, you can see where your extra money goes. It is placed in a sleek hardwood stand complete with a sliding key cover.

8. Casio PX-770

Casio PX-770, Best Digital Pianos Keyboards For Beginners

You may believe that you do not need to spend nearly eight hundred bucks on a first piano, and you are correct. The PX-770 was chosen because it would last you for several years without becoming obsolete. There’s nothing like practising on a real piano; all you need is the willingness to invest in such an expensive instrument. Any Privia digital piano will always be one of the best to learn.

The Casio PX-770 is at the high-end of instruments that are recommended for newbies.
It’s a more substantial investment than our other choices, but it will serve you well if you are sure about mastering piano.

It came with Eighty-Eight scaled hammer-action keys with replicated ebony and ivory surfaces. The PX-770 features a max polyphony of One-Twenty-Eight notes. Casio’s AiR processing produces amazing sounds, including a magnificent recreation of a 9ft concert grand. There are eleven built-in effects, including various reverb, chorus, and brilliance types.

As a newbie, it’s helpful to have some sample songs to learn; the PX-770 comes with sixty of them. It also includes a two-track MIDI recorder for recording and playing back your advancement. Duet mode provides two equal split zones for student and teacher sessions if you’re using the piano for private lessons.

To look at the PX-770, you will see where your extra money goes. It is placed in a sleek hardwood stand complete with a sliding key cover.

9. Korg B2SP

Korg B2SP, Best Digital Pianos Keyboards For Beginners

If you’re after something a bit more realistic to learn on, the Korg B2SP should be the one. It boasts piano tones to match any in its price range, plus the ease of becoming a lightweight keyboard piano when required.
The electric piano and organ sounds are excellent; They could be the reason you chose this piano over others. It’s not a bad idea to add some organ skills to your resume.

In addition, it features Eighty-Eight keys (One-Hundred-Twenty-Note max polyphony), utilizing Korg’s natural hammer-action technology to provide genuine piano-like resistance. Because the B2SP is the 2.0 version of the B1SP, it comes with additional sounds and features. You now receive a total of twelve sounds, including some of the greatest grand piano tones in the whole price range.

The B2SP includes beautiful grand pianos from Germany and Italy, providing various appropriate tones from classical music to jazz. For that reason, Korg has gone the extra mile with the other sounds, too; the electric pianos and jazz organs are stunning.

It offers Twelve built-in tracks, minus the onboard lessons that other pianos provide. But, Korg makes up for it by offering Three months of free Skoove premium courses, along with several Korg sound-design and production applications. You may play along to whatever song you want using the supplied audio input.
Furthermore, you may record your performance on your smartphone, but it needs an extra Lightning-USB Camera converter.
Finally, there are several built-in effects, although very basic, like reverb and chorus.

10. Yamaha PSS-F30

Yamaha PSS-F30,Best Digital Pianos Keyboards For Beginners

The Yamaha PSS-F30 isn’t a product suitable for a long term “commitment“; it’s just a great way to encourage younger kids into learning the piano. It’s the first step in a longer journey, and the price tag is decent. The audio is quite excellent, comparatively speaking. Kids will outgrow it physically before they ever get tired of it; there’s plenty to do! It’s the option for the first keyboard for youngsters.

The first thing that we should mention is that it has tiny keys; thus, it’s mainly targeted at youngsters. It features Thirty-Seven tiny keys, and it has the appearance of the Yamaha keyboard of earlier generations. In addition, it features a structure that displays the song, voice, and style kinds.

There are just over Hundred-and-Twenty voices, from pianos to brass, and much more. The onboard tracks are extremely child-friendly and ideal for the younger learner.

The F30 features a built-in metronome that runs from eleven to two hundred and eighty beats per minute to preserve perfect timing. In addition, Yamaha’s Smart Chord function allows you to activate chords from a single note. It makes it simple for tiny hands to play more complicated chords, and it helps youngsters become accustomed to sound chords.
It’s extremely portable and includes a headphone connection, which means your kid can play anywhere, anytime.

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