D16 Group Nepheton 2 (Drum Machine Plug-in)


D16 Group Nepheton 2 (Drum Machine Plug-in)
D16 Group Nepheton 2 (Drum Machine Plug-in)

Nepheton contains 17 fully synthesized modules that work together to emulate the original 808 drum machine. All the sounds and detailed nuances of the original are captured perfectly. Nepheton’s modules are equipped with additional controls for deep tone and envelope tweakability.

Nepheton contains 17 fully synthesized modules that work together to emulate the original 808 drum machine. All the sounds and detailed nuances of the original are captured perfectly. Nepheton’s modules are equipped with additional controls for deep tone and envelope tweakability.

The Iconic and Versatile 808 Sound

The most iconic and widely used drum machine in over 40 years of music history is reincarnated in Nepheton2. You'll find all the nuances of the 808 booming sounds perfectly reproduced. Now you have everything you need to create your next dancefloor shaking hit.

Paired with a Full-Fledged FX Section

The fully furnished effect section helps in creating more punchy and animated sound. It will cut through the mix like butter.

Modernized Drum Programming

Ease of use, interface clarity, and wide range of tools make the drum programming an inspiring process.

Get Under the Hood

808 as The Base for Urban Electronic Music. Whether you’re producing hip-hop, R'n'B, trap or dance music, the versatile and in-your-face sound character of this machine will make you want to incorporate it into every beat you create.

Collection of Most Iconic and Recognizable Drum Sounds

You get all the classic 808 sounds that have been shaping a broad range of music genres for years. The D16 Nepheton emulates them all, replicating each individual instrument with meticulous accuracy.

Two Bus Effect Chains with Lots of Different Algorithms

Get the exact sound; add grit with a bitcrusher or distortion, control space with reverb or delay, and fatten your sound with chorus; mix everything together nicely using dynamics and EQ algorithms. All these effects can be further manipulated creatively with the addition of a filter - the possibilities are endless.

Your Perfect Beat Just a Few Clicks Away

Super easy-to-use and inspiring sequencer to work with; Tap function, Randomizer, and more. Still looking for inspiration? Browse hundreds of factory patterns we've included.

Articulations for Greater Expression

Per-step Flam or several variants of Substep with editable properties will enrich your musical dictionary for yet more exciting rhythms.

MIDI Export via Drag and Drop

Once your pattern is done, the drag and drop MIDI export function lets you quickly finish the work on your pattern in your DAW.

Full Control Over Dynamics

Quickly adjustable velocity for accented and unaccented steps with an optional global accent boost.

Prefer Recording Your Beats Live?
Nothing Could Be Simpler

With the tap function, you can seamlessly record your ideas into patterns, then edit them like any other pattern. Use your screen or MIDI Pad controller - whichever workflow you prefer.

Bored? Let’s Randomize Baby!

With just a hit of a button, you can fill up your patterns with unexpected ideas, get inspired and revitalize your workflow. The Randomizer can fill a pattern according to what you specify, providing random drum lines which you can edit or save seamlessly.

A variety of trigger modes

Use a pattern trigger mode that suits you: MIDI notes, MIDI CC or GUI.

Vast factory Content to Kickstart Your Work

Don’t want to dive into the technicalities of Nepheton’s signal flow just yet? We have you covered with factory presets full of Scenes, Drum Kits and Patterns. You can focus on developing your music immediately.

A Dedicated Channel Strip for Every Drum Sound

With EQ and compression per instrument, you can quickly perfect that 808 boom and sizzle.

Building Blocks of a Great-Sounding Kit

To ease things up, we included factory presets for every individual instrument that will allow you to quickly put together a great-sounding kit without the fuss of creating everything from scratch.

Filter Section

High cut and low cut filters with common resonance + 2 band parametric EQ for trimming and boosting what's necessary to mix the instrument nicely with the rest of the Drum Kit.

In-chain Dynamics

A must-have in any proper channel strip, especially with drums. Little tip; with a bit of look-ahead enabled and both attack and decay set to zero, you can also use it as a saturation unit.

Blend in with the Rest

Route / Send the instrument to one of the two FX Buses or directly to the Master Bus. Only imagination is the limit of what you can do further.

Wait! While sending sound to the FX Buses, you can even choose what precise Slot in the Bus it will be sent to. Use Buses creatively.

Final Touches Are So Crucial

pA capable master section will give the final punch to your beat.

Master Bus Presets

Ready-to-use master presets can get you the desired results extremely fast. Also use this feature to store your own settings to speed things up for grooves to come.

Multi-Band Compressor

A 3-band compressor to glue everything together. Its extremely responsive character will add some 'air' to your beats.

Limiter With Soft-Clip Option

Limiter to control and add power to the output. It's not just a transparent brick-wall limiter; it has its own distinctive punchy 'tone' to enhance your drum sounds.

MIDI map and Trigger Outs

Easily manageable MIDI map and employing trigger outs; the cherry on top.

Audible Trigger Outputs

The original drum machines were equipped with analog trigger outputs for controlling external gear via the internal sequencer. These outputs were often used by producers to create a signature short pulse sound, a distinctive feature of electro music. With the D16 Nepheton, you now can get that sound effortlessly.

MIDI Drum Map Editor

You can quickly rearrange mapping to match your MIDI controller, DAW or ... Instrument (if you want to use Nepheton's MIDI output capabilities).

Substantial Factory Content

Over 1200 presets and patterns in factory content


Several UI sizes and HiDPI support for better screen fit


for easy controller assignment



17 Fully Synthesized Instruments.
Perfectly Scaled Knob Ranges.
Enhanced Control of Modules’ Sounds.
Flexible, Dynamic Output Reassignment Including Master out And Trigger Output.
True “Disable/Off” Mutes & Solos for Each Module: Save on CPU!
Fully Controllable via MIDIcc.
Quick midiCC Assignation with MIDI Learn Function.
Multiple Control Variations.
External Mode.
Internal Sequencer.
Two Sync Modes.
Simple Preset Manager.


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D16 Group Nepheton 2 (Drum Machine Plug-in)