How to Reach / Submit Beats to Major Artists

Most of producers and beatmakers are struggling to get their work to the top even if they have the dopest beats and instrumentals.

The major key is to get that first ” deal ” collaboration with an artist that is already in the mainstream industry

Here are 3 Major tips on how to maximize chances to reach them, submit your tracks and MAKE SURE they are checking them with open ears :

1. Keep following their news

The majority of wellknown rappers / singers are very active on social media and they may express at any time their need for new ideas or opportunities to collab. They also communicate addresses to contact for that purpose.
Thats why you need to be always up to date with news of the artists you aim to produce or collaborate with.

2. Use their own hashtags on social media

Mainstream artists are like brands and they like to take the lead on creating trends, these trends are nowadays communicated in form of hashtags. Even if they dont always succeed on making them trends, these celebrities are constantly dropping tags on their pages and THEY WILL check in person if they are used by people.

“For example 50 cent is always using his 2 brands “frigo” and “effenvodka” even if the post is not related to these. And by checking out people that are using them, He discovered ” Phresher ” and collaborated with him on the track “wait a minute” .”

3. Get in touch with their ” not famous ” friends

Celebrities schedule and amount of received messages may not be helpful to producers resuests to be checked by Artists themselves or even by their A & R agents. But there are some people that may be more interesting then these : not famous friends from their entourage.

These people knows what the artist will accept and may have the time to check out your beats / instrumentals and share with them if they believe in you. And of course celebrities will listen to their friends.

Finally, don’t rely your productivity and motivation on finding this “deal” and keep doing for the same reason you started : for your own fun and self expression .

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