How to install Nexus Expansions & Presets

Having trouble installing the nexus expansions and presets you downloaded, well follow the simple guide below to have them quickly ready to play with :

A. For Presets

Find the ” Nexus Content ” Folder This folder is created and defined by you while installing the Refx Nexus VST, You can find them by default in these example locations : Program Files (x86)\VstPlugins\Nexus Content Program Files (x86)\VstPlugins\Image Line\FL Studio\Plugins Or your custom location chosen at the installation Next you need to extract your folder in the following location : \Nexus Content\Presets\ Under a new folder name, for example : \Nexus Content\Presets\TRAP PRESET The name of the folder will show in your Nexus library.

B. For Expansions

If you have a nxp Nexus Expansion, to install it : 1. Open Nexus Vst 2. Got to “Sys” menu 3. Click import data 4. Browse your nxp file Good Cooking !

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