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An upstart group of musicians, artists, and engineers is dedicated to advancing spatial audio technology for all media. Their passion has brought together an international team of entrepreneurs and experts with diverse multidisciplinary backgrounds for creative innovation. They are a group of half-crazed brain wizards on a mission to spread the joy of immersive sound to everyone by harnessing the power of AI.

Embody is more than just an ear-picture-collecting technophile; they are passionate collaborators working with some of the greatest and most influential names in film, television, music, and gaming. The introduction of personalized spatial audio to Final Fantasy XIV? That was their doing! And they’re only just beginning.

They are creating the tools and technologies to usher in a new renaissance for immersive content creation, distribution, and consumption. They provide the means for people everywhere to experience the joy of immersive sound. They are racing towards the future with their partners and eagerly anticipate your presence there.

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