Welcome to ProducerSources Studio Equipment Page, a curated list of the gear & tools we recommend for building the best Home Studio SET-UP. All products listed are tested and used by our Team and Producer partners.
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KRK RP5G3-NA Rokit 5 Generation 3

For a quarter of a century KRK have been the professional’s choice for mixing and mastering hit records around the globe. KRK’s ROKIT studio monitors have been the most popular choice for accurate monitoring, selling over one million units.


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Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor

This studio monitor will help you make better-sounding recordings. Yamaha’s nearfield monitors with those iconic white-coned woofers have been ubiquitous in top studios worldwide ever since the original NS-10s hit the scene in the late ’70s.


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PreSonus Eris E3.5-3.5″

Provides a compact sonic reference system for home setups & project studios. It produces a frequency response of 80 Hz to 20 kHz via a 3.5″ Kevlar woofer and a 1″ silk dome tweeter powered by a 25W class AB amplifier.


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Behringer U-Phoria UMC22

Featuring a mic/line XLR input and a ¼” instrument DI, this incredibly affordable 48kHz-capable, 2-channel USB interface is perfect for the musician on the go. It’s compatible with either Mac or PC, and the included Tracktion DAW plus 150 downloadable instrument/effect plug-ins and ultra-inexpensive price make it a great entry point for students, beginners, or aspiring musicians.


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Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

The Focusrite interfaces have set a standard in the industry by offering great audio quality at affordable prices, and this second-generation Scarlett 2i2 is no exception. This dual mic/line-in USB-powered interface offers 24-bit sampling at up to 192kHz, super-low latency, and great Focusrite preamps, all packed in a rugged red chassis. It comes with the Pro Tools | First Focusrite Creative Pack, which is capable of 16-track recording and comes with 12 additional plug-ins.


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PreSonus AudioBox USB 96

Features 2-channel 24-bit/96kHz recording in an on-the-go-sized package. With two mic inputs offering 60dB of gain that double as ¼” inputs via combo jacks, switchable +48-volt phantom power, stereo main outs, and a headphone jack, plus it operates on USB bus power, so you don’t have to carry around a power supply. It also comes with Studio One 3 Artist DAW software and 6GB of bonus third-party content, including the Studio Magic Plug-in Suite.


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Akai MPK Mini MKII

With 5 years of user feedback, the new MPK Mini is bound to be the best portable MIDI keyboard on the market.
It has the minimum required size to still be able to create melodies and chords while being durable enough to move it around constantly.
With a weight of 1.65 lb and only 2 octaves you can fit this controller inside most backpacks!
One really incredible feature that stands out in this MIDI keyboard is the 4-way thumbstick for pitch and modulation control.


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Alesis Q25

For basic home studios, that only want something something small, versatile, and easy-to-use, the MIDI controller we recommend is the Alesis Q.
Despite its super-low price, it has everything you’d expect from a keyboard controller, including: USB bus power, pitch and mod wheels, sustain pedal input, Both USB-MIDI and traditional 5-pin MIDI out.
While it may not have the fancy features we’ll see in some the later models…
If you don’t use that stuff anyway, you’d rather keep it simple, you’ll love the Alesis Q.


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ROLI Seaboard Block

The ROLI Seaboard Block is a one of a kind keyboard. When it came out, we were so intrigued and amazed by it, that we just had to include it in this list.
With 5D Touch Technology, 24 molded keywaves and amazing sensitivity, this controller is one of the most technologically advanced keyboards on the market.
This new technology allows you to modulate the pitch, vibrato, and volume just by wiggling or moving your finger around the keyboard.


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Akai MPK249

We’re almost certain that you’ve seen this keyboard at least once somewhere before.
That’s because many producers that perform live tend to use this keyboard, and you’ve probably seen producers in home studios with this keyboard numerous times as well.
With just a weight of 12.6 lbs, the MPK249 is really easy to move around.
For that reason, the Akai MPK249 is one of the best MIDI keyboard controllers for producers that have a small home studio, and for people that like to bring their gear on the road.


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NI Komplete Kontrol S49

Native Instruments is known for making some of the most popular VST’s on the market such as: Massive, Kontakt, Razor, and many more.
They also make some of the best MIDI controllers like Traktor and Maschine, which are generally used for music production, DJ’ing, and live performances.
The Komplete Kontrol S49 is the first MIDI keyboard developed by Native Instruments, and if you’re a user of the Komplete Audio bundle, this keyboard is a must-have!


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